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"With a performance that ranges from depicting fear to delivering shocking reveals, Dukehart draws the listener in from the first chapter." Audiofile Magazine


"Cris Dukehart deftly captures Izzy. She skillfully handles the book’s quips and sarcasm, and perfectly portrays Izzy’s inner doubts and guilt."  Publishers Weekly

"Cris Dukehart reads the tale with vim, creating distinctive voices for both girls." School Library Journal


"Narrator Cris Dukehart's sweet tone brings the four members of the Secret, Book, and Scone Society to life in this new mystery."  Audiofile Magazine


"The fast-paced plot is dramatically narrated by Cris Dukehart, with Southern accents, deep voices, or a snarky tone for villains and much lighter voices for the children. The narration accentuates the drama of the action and the children’s contemporary language." School Library Journal

"Dukehart's first-person voicing of Newman requires a nuanced range of narrative skills, including those of a journalist, as she explains the history and science of autism; an advocate, as she argues for better employment opportunities and increased education; and a mother. It's that last role--portraying Newman's hopes, quirks, and which Dukehart captures the "collateral anguish" experienced by Newman's family as well as their progress and quiet victories."  Audiofile Magazine


"She's especially delightful at juvenile voices." Audiofile Magazine

"...a lively and enjoyable listening experience." - Publishers Weekly


"Dukehart voices Dimitri's stutter with accurate professionalism."  Audiofile Magazine


"Narrator Cris Dukehart skillfully presents Kane's anger and self-loathing and, finally, her determination as she seeks out her high school English teacher, the one man who's never let her down." Audiofile Magazine   

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